A Look at How Trenchless Technology Can Save Your Property

In the past sewer line repair and replacement often meant you could say goodbye to parts of your lawn, concrete, and more. Today, thanks to technology, this is no longer the case. Here’s a quick look at how trenchless sewer line repair technology can save your property in Mesa, AZ.

What is Trenchless Sewer Line Repair?

Instead of using large, heavy equipment to dig up parts of your yard, trenchless technology relies on a small hole that is dug to allow access to the existing line. Then, access points are drilled into the sewer line to allow a cable to fit inside. This is important because the cable is used to insert a pipe made of polyethylene, which is attached to old pipe and forces it to burst. The new pipe is able to keep roots and water out by melting the different pipe sections together. Best of all, it is designed to last for decades.

How Does This Save Your Property?

It eliminates the need for extensive digging. For traditional sewer line repair methods to work, a large part of your yard must be dug up first. With trenchless technology, you don’t have to stand by and watch the garden you have been working on for years be tossed aside, nor do you have to watch as your once pristine yard is reduced to a huge hole. Instead, one or two small holes will be the extent of the digging, leaving your property looking just like it did before the repairs were made.

There is no need for heavy equipment. In order to perform traditional sewer line repair effectively, heavy equipment is often brought in to do the digging. Unfortunately, this equipment will leave parts of your yard completely trampled. This equipment is not necessary when you are using trenchless technology.

There is no reason to dig up driveways, mature trees, retaining walls, and structures that are on your property. When it comes to traditional repair methods, anything that is in the pipe’s way when the trench is being dug will almost always have to go. This means everything from your concrete driveway, walkway, and patio to that gorgeous maple tree and even retaining walls and decks may have to be removed. In addition to this significant amount of disturbance and destruction leaving your property just a shell of its former self, it will take lots of time, money, and effort to get it back to its original state.

Trenchless technology ensures your pool area is left alone. Unfortunately, when you are using traditional repair methods, if your stunning in-ground pool and luxury pool house are in the way when a trench is being dug, there is no other option but to tear them up. There is simply no other way for the repairs to be made. Trenchless sewer pipe line repair allows you to leave your backyard oasis completely intact.

If you know that is just a matter of time before your sewer lines will need to be repaired or replaced, it is time to start looking into the options provided to you by trenchless sewer line repair.

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