What are the benefits of staying in a transitional living house?

Transitional living homes are also referred to as sober living homes. These are places where one often stays in after completing a residential addiction treatment program. They are also, what one may term, as the stop over arrangement between staying in a medical environment and returning home.

What has come to light is that several people do need to stay in a transitional home after having gone through such treatments. They should not return home right away after such a line of treatment. A transitional environment will have others around a person who has undergone some form of therapy or treatment. Hence they will feel they are in the company of people who have undergone similar traumas or have undertaken a similar form of treatment for one reason or another.

No alcohol or drugs allowed

A big factor which makes transitional homes good places to stay in is that they totally forbid alcohol and drug intake. Hence, even if one wishes to, one cannot ingest these. Sober living homes also provide a somewhat stable living atmosphere which is free from hooliganism and looting or thefts and robberies. Also, drugs and alcohol testing is done time and again here. Hence, any temptation to get into such vices is well looked after.

Certain aftercare services too can be maintained while staying in a transitional living home. You can be in direct contact with professionals who can continue to help you in your line of recovery. They are more easily available at hand here than they would be in your home or office.

At home, sometimes we tend to get isolated especially if we have just had surgery or some other treatment. This is the time when we really need someone to connect and bond with. If we live alone, this will not be possible at home. After all, how often can friends and relatives keep us company and for how long?

Someone or another is always there for you

While living in a transitional home, our basic care is taken by the concerned authorities. For instance, we do not have to take care of utility bills like electricity and phone and do not have to look after the maintenance of home or office environments.

Even our daily food and ablutions work is taken care of by the transitional home caretakers. In essence, for a given cost we are taken care of totally and fully by concerned individuals. Also, we can be in contact with support groups who may come for others as well. In this way, they too will make it a point to be available to you and you too can have some connect with those who wish to look after you.

The whole environment is surcharged with positivity and hope since all individuals here are have come for a reason to become well enough to go back home sometime.

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