ConvergeOne Improves Its Managed IT Services

Employees in managed IT services Toronto might be interested to learn that Converge One has recently announced the company’s advanced monitoring feature OnGuard is now offered across all solutions that are multiple-vender. This improvement is one of many major investments the company is making in its Managed Services platform is that of world-class caliber. It also includes the roll out of an improved Customer Center and the completion of the SOC audit.

OnGuard’s new multifaceted features/capabilities are already offered to customers. They work with Cisco and Avay monitoring solutions that are comprehensive.

Mark Langanki is the Chief Technology Officer of ConvergeOne. He said that the company is excited about providing its clients with monitoring solutions suit that is powerful. The company’s priority is to make sure that its clients have a Managed Services experience that’s effective and consistent. The managed Services and platform when combined with the Customer Center portal shows the company’s commitment to making sure its customers achieve success.

The company’s clients can keep their business systems operating using the more flexible Managed Services of ConvergeOne since it now supports various vendor solutions. They can use monitor solutions that are custom-build based on their particular business needs. This is regardless of the software/equipment they’re using.

ConvergeOne’s monitoring solutions basically reduce risk, increase up-time, and boost ROI via pro-active and preventive monitoring. It delivers monitoring that’s founded on technologies that are pre-configured and updated every day. They also provide advanced-type dynamic systems for multiple ways of auditing to discover issues amongst all of its clients. This includes new tools that identify logic errors, configuration errors, bugs, and compatibility. It also offers a capacity system used to monitor/measure various components that function on a service. Gather collected via capacity management lets clients use business metrics that are centered on the service delivered. The company also provides a powerful system of tools that are provided as a service via an on-site virtualized, appliance, or Cloud service.


ConvergeOne is happy to announce it’s launching a new Customer Center that’s improved. It’s a web-based portal that supplies 1 convenient resource for working with ConvergeOne support/monitoring resources.


Chris Beck is the company’s Director of Monitoring Tools. He said that the company’s top objectives are to listen to clients and also ensure it’s always supplying them with the top experiences of services. The company is developing some suggestions made by clients, and its own sales/service teams’ ideas. This has improved the Customer Center portal to give it a new look/feel, better functionality, and excellent new features that it is certain clients will enjoy.

The business’ new and improved Customer Center portal gives clients an easy way to access its help desk functions. That includes status, ticket generation, escalation, and various other capabilities.

Map View can provide at a glance where various equipment is located and the events occurring at every site. That includes scheduled maintenance/open tickets.

It also show important contact info on all client-facing pages. This makes it easy to contact the proper person in order to deal with particular needs/questions. Meanwhile, Live Chat can provide quick responses to status/incident inquiries.

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