Five Landscaping Tips for a Lovely Front Yard

The front yard is a place which one can do up in a hundred and one ways. There is something about a well-groomed front space which is very inviting not just for any and every guest who enters this area, but also for those who own it. Here are some landscaping tips for a lovely front yard :

1).Take for instance, having a setting straight out of a fairy tale here. A white or yellow picket fence all around, is just the thing to have for starters. Then one can have a pretty lil swing at one nook replete with pink and blue cushions or seat covers on it. The garden itself can be filled up with flowers of all colours and sizes, blooming away like the garden of Prince Charming in Cinderella.

2).One can have a zen garden in the frontal area of the house. Such a space would be pervaded with statuettes of Lord Buddha in various poses, smiling benignly down at all who would gaze upto or into his eyes. There could be little nests with birdies strung up in them. One can even opt for a parrot or lovebirds in this setting in one corner, perched up in a cage high up on a tree branch. There can be plants and trees swaying in the gentle breeze all along the edges to give more of a serene touch to the surroundings.

3).Another option is to have a rock garden in the front yard. For this, one will have to make the effort to lug in large stones and pebbles. These can be placed all around the garden or in a symmetric fashion like a pathway carved out with them on either side. With round rocks one can even fashion out a space in one corner where you can have a thematic setting of a jungle with artificial birdies and animals standing or flying around the place. Here, one can even have men, women and children puppets walking or just doing some gardening work with a spade and a trowel in their hands.

4).For the front yard, one can earmark out a space for a water feature like a small waterfall. With rocks or even small plants lining up this place, one can have such a feature installed though it takes a good amount of effort to keep it going and in a well-maintained manner. Alongside, one can have a lotus pond of dimensions which suit the area you wish to cover. Lotus bulbs growing in a small-size feature look extremely attractive and impart a lot of grace to the yard.

5).A fish pond with several varieties of fish which are friendly with one another can be organised in the front yard. This can be a central focal point or even a standalone in one nook in the garden. Do take care to maintain the pond and be rid of the dead fish or even the fungal growth in the water on a regular basis. A well-maintained fish pond raises the bar up pretty high for a front yard.

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Marilyn Montana

Marilyn Montana

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