Law to Require Developers to Break Security Features Proposed

Data encryption in the form of passwords and other means are designed to ensure that sensitive information and user privacy is maintained safe from misuse. If Toronto IT support companies are highlighting market expertise, mobile companies use security as a selling point to pitch to their consumers. Most people buy products on this basis.

To increase the heat in the already burning competition, mobile developers added security features that involve more than creating a password. Fingerprint input systems have been developed by Apple and adapted by other developers. News is now breaking that the race has been directed at perfecting the retina scanner for mobile devices. All these efforts are done in an attempt to further strengthen the already strong defenses in place.

Since the invention of smartphones, most transactions we do face to face have now been migrated virtually. Shopping can now be done with a mobile app and booking your next flight is right at the comfort of your own hands. The amount of information that can be processed using your smartphone is impossible to put to numbers.

Legislation in the United States saw interest in using mobile transaction records as an untapped holy grail of useful information. Two senators came up with a proposed law to allow the government and people in authority to gain access to private information tracked in the form of mobile transactions. The aim is to facilitate faster incrimination of criminals and resolution of issues concerning national security.

The power to break through the security features of smartphones will give the authorities access to communication history allowing them to track and resolve criminal activity faster. Mobile operated bombs can be intercepted preventing a potential catastrophe before it takes place.

Authors of the proposed bill, Senator Richard Burr and Senator Dianne Feinstein had a vision to empower the FBI with more tools. They structured the proposed law that will require mobile developers to lend assistance to state authorities to bypass security features they have developed for their products. Being the head of the senate’s intelligence committee, Burr knows that this capability will change the way cases are being investigated and solved.

Private individuals need not worry about their own security unless they are involved in something that violates the law. For private civilians who have concerns over the security of their own information, the law also protects them by allowing companies to assist in decryption only in the existence of a court order. This means that authorities must establish a case that there is a need to obtain assistance in decryption and that such act would result in the resolution of a case favoring the state’s interest.

Developers need not worry about losses leading to demands of the proposed legislation. Under the proposal, it specifies that the government needs to cover costs involved in the process of decryption. Although the proposal has to go a long way before becoming a law, it is important for mobile developers to make the necessary preparations.



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