14 Feb 2016

Apple is beating Mac

Apple is making so much noise in terms of it services and selling a number of products compared to Mac. Apple’s It services Toronto, or in all over the states in America and as well as all over the globe, is actually beating Macbook pro and air lines in terms of revenue, like app store and iCloud revenue.

26 Jan 2016

IT services spending expectation to increase to $929 billion in 2016

Gartner, a research firm to global technology and products business executives, showed the results of their research which forecasted that IT services Toronto, in all parts of the world and software spending will rise this 2016 even though if the IT spending would go down to 0.5 percent from 2015 results.

03 Jan 2016

ConvergeOne Improves Its Managed IT Services

Employees in managed IT services Toronto might be interested to learn that Converge One has recently announced the company’s advanced monitoring feature OnGuard is now offered across all solutions that are multiple-vender.