What are the steps and apparatus for combination weigher?

The Triangle package machinery company has been serving the packaging and the manufacturing industry since 1923. The diverse range of machinery crafted by the best engineering professionals has been renowned in the manufacturing industry. We are proud to present the state of the art innovation solutions to make our customers competitive or Covenant Not to Compete in their field and more efficient with their production line. The Triangle Packaging Machinery Company provides you with all kinds of packaging solutions, no matter what your product is our company had the right equipment to serve you.

One of the many types of equipment we manufacture is the Combination Weighers. Combination Weighers are a reliable, accurate and ideal solution for a diverse range of food products that need to be packaged. Poultry, cereals, frozen food, no matter what your product is, with the help of the Combination Weigher, all of it can be packaged in the easiest manner.

The Combination Weigher is very easy to operate, with user-friendly controls to serve your needs better. Our specialty is the use of the Rockwell ControlLogix which allows you as a manufacturer to pack your product and scale it in one go only. Our special belt system provides you with three kinds of belts- Vibratory, hoppers and unique belt-feed system. All these in their own way ensure that proper amounts of food material are being packed in an efficient manner. this ensures a smooth flow of food production.

A Combination Weigher works by feeding the food product into one of the multi-heads which will further disperse to one of the plates as mentioned above. Each of the plates will further drop the product into one of the hopper plates beneath them. The system of the machine will determine how much product is to go into each packet. The combination weigher discharges the product through its chute into the bags or packets directly. The number of combinations and plates and various equipment together attached to the combination weigher ensure accurate food packaging at a speedy rate.

Various kinds of apparatus can be used like the volumetric cups are specifically designed to fill a particular amount of food product to the discharge end of the combination weigher. These cups can be adjusted according to the amount of food material you wish to pack.

Weighing hoppers ensure easy discharge of food product or material into the transfer conveyor belt to further discharge it into the food packaging.

A separate apparatus for determining the weight of the product loaded and control the amount of product for each packet. This can be used to make sure a proper amount of food product goes into each packaging. No packet must remain overweight or underweight.

We offer a diverse range of machinery to our customers, who mean a lot to us. Our third generation is happy to serve you. Contact us to know more about combination weighers. Call us- (773) 889-0200.

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