Apple is beating Mac

Apple is making so much noise in terms of it services and selling a number of products compared to Mac. Apple’s It services Toronto, or in all over the states in America and as well as all over the globe, is actually beating Macbook pro and air lines in terms of revenue, like app store and iCloud revenue. For App store revenue, it rises up to 35 percent since the year 2015 while iCloud is also catching up with its growth in terms of revenue as well. Apple’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook said that “Apple Pay is growing at a tremendous rate,” and he also said that in each week, there is one million new users of Apple.

The Chief Financial Officer of Apple, Luca Maestri, said that even though if Apple Pay is still currently increasing, it actually does not “provide a meaningful financial contribution at this point”. The second largest category within Apple itself that is ahead of iPad and Mac sales is the Apple services which revolves the sales of their iPhone is the one behind it. It is actually making more revenue from its services alone such as the App store, iTunes, and other online services and licensing which is much higher compared to the selling number of units for Mac. The increase for Apple’s revenue since the year 2015 is at 2 percent. Now, with Apple’s increasing revenue, it pertains that they can expect a stable flowing of revenue from their existing products which are being used to access online services which the company also offers.

However, this increase does not literally mean anything solid as it is still in the first few months of the year 2016, since there is still no assurance that Mac will not increase its revenues and sales anymore for this year since Apple released to the public that for their MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lines, there will be minor updates to it just like what they have been doing for the previous updates of MacBook Pro and MacBook air products. Recently, what the consumers are interested are for example MacBook Pro has already a Retina display however a lot consumers all around the globe also wanted to have a better performance from their product since its upgrade from a 2013 MacBook Air. Consumers are still currently waiting for bigger and fresher updates from MacBook Pro Models though. Thus, no matter if they will released a bigger or minor or if they would not even release an updated product, Apple will still be able to gain much more revenue from their existing products with its own services.

Currently, since the year is still not over yet, even though if Apple IT services are beating Mac since its sales revenue decreased at 12 percent since the year 2015, it does not immediately follow that Mac products are failing. Luca Maestri, Chief Financial Officer of Apple, Luca Maestri said that even though there is a “challenging quarter for personal computer sales across the industry.” Mac’s sales and revenue is still the highest among personal computer’s market all around the globe.

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