Apple Pioneers Plans to a Mobile Medical Movement

Since the coming of the smartphone age, mobile app development has been an area of business interest costing billions of dollars in annual investments and profit. Toronto IT services and companies like Apple have been major players in the development of mobile applications. Since its conception apps to do online shopping, travel and hotel booking, market research, music and video editing, and a wide range of games have been invented and sold or provided for free to users worldwide.

The latest technology embedded on smartphones along with newly developed applications created a new purpose for app development. This time developers centered their efforts in coming up with technology that focuses on helping people achieve their optimal state of health. The revolution started with steps and calorie counters, diet guides and quickly evolved to heart rate monitors and physician finders.

Jeff Dachis, a business man and entrepreneur who had type 1 diabetes, had an idea of using technology to enhance the accessibility of information that would make the management of his disease much more convenient. This lead to the birth of One Drop, a mobile application developed for diabetic patients. It helps diabetic patients by putting control on their diet with the use of a calorie tracker. It also ensures that users do not miss a dose of their insulin shots using pre-set reminders. Trends on their glucose levels can be monitored and tracked using One Drop making this information readily available for physician analysis.

A company who fosters innovation like Apple saw the power of mobile apps in making a difference in the lives of its users. Dachis developed One Drop using currently available technology for mobile application development. He admits that with the current resources it took a lot of time and effort to perfect the complex idea of One Drop into a software that’s easy and convenient for its target users. Apple intends to encourage development of applications similar to One Drop by providing developers added tools and capability in developing health applications. Apple released “Care-Kit” which packs resources useful for health application development.

The launch of CareKit was welcomed with much positivity. Newer Apps were developed along with the CareKit launch to help women have accessibility to information for health conditions they are hesitant to talk with their doctors. Apps in development include a research database that will allow users access to medical data in development with much ease and comfort.

Consistent to its vision and intent to contribute to a better health among its users, Apple developed a software that allows users to participate and submit data for clinical and medical studies. These makes the process of obtaining valuable data for research analysis faster and at the same time creating a limitless reach for human respondents.

CareKit admittedly has its own limitations. The mere fact that CareKit only works with the Apple environment and is incompatible for software developments using other platforms poses an issue. Even with these limitations CareKit is a huge step in steering technology to make more relevant contributions in healthcare.

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