Tai Chi Basics in Charlotte: What You Need to Know As a Beginner

First off, following are 5 key takeaways regarding Tai Chi basics in Charlotte.

1. Choose the best tai chi style to achieve your goals. Each tai chi style has specific benefits associated with it.
2. The physical movements of tai chi comprise about five percent of the art of Tai chi. The other 95 percent is concerned with how you get the chi in your tai chi by integrating the 16 components of internal power.
3. There are seven basic stages in learning tai chi. Knowing where you’re at on the map will help you overcome obstacles and personal setbacks to reap the deeper benefits that tai chi has to offer from ongoing practice.
4. Practicing tai chi requires patience. Chi development progresses from gross to subtle, and the process cannot be rushed.
5. Not all teachers are created equal. The skill of your teacher and his/her ability to impart their knowledge is invaluable to your personal progress and safety.

Within classes, you can expect to learn:

.  Sequences of movements;
 .  Basic body alignments;
.  The 70 percent rule of moderation;
 .  Coordination;
 .  How to protect your joints.

Tai Chi Basics in Charlotte: Body – Energy – Spirit

All tai chi practices are based on the three treasures – body, energy and spirit. Learning tai chi serves as a body practice and advancement as an energy practice. So whether or not you have an interest in practicing tai chi for spiritual pursuits, it always starts with the body, making you incredibly healthy down to the cellular level.

Tai Chi Basics in Charlotte: Body

The physical body is the container through which your energy and spirit flow. This is the physical approach to health, longevity and optimum performance. Through tai chi, you learn how to exercise the body down to its most subtle aspects. This can best be done if you understand the body’s physical mechanisms and realities, such as how different parts of the body do or don’t work well or flow together.

Tai Chi Basics in Charlotte: Energy

The legendary martial arts abilities of many tai chi masters derive from the development of the many functional kinds of subtle energy. This is where many of the “secrets” are hidden in tai chi and for which some train strenuously over decades to achieve and master.

Increasing your life-force energy, which can be achieved from regular tai chi practice, can produce extraordinary healing and provides the gateway to human intuitive or psychic capacities. For people who are overly energetically sensitive or psychically developed, tai chi can help ground and smooth their energy, so they can handle – rather than be overwhelmed by their natural talents.

Tai Chi Basics in Charlotte: Spirit (Mind)

Spirit’s sphere of influence works directly with the mind and the invisible spirit within us. It involves the arts and sciences of meditation, which originally generated the first two levels of body and energy.

Spirit involves active use of the mind. It tells your body and chi when and how to move. Applying your spirit’s energy well is mandatory to get to the root of and fully engage your true personal power, obtain emotional balance and inner peace, and actualize the potential of your mind.

While intent can take you a long way with body and energy, the Heart-Mind is required to fully activate spirit, which is the center of your consciousness. That is the place where thoughts and images come from before they reach the conscious level.

Working with body, energy and spirit has within it beginning, intermediate and advanced techniques. They are learned much the same way as music – basic techniques build on each other until you can seamlessly blend them. The art of tai chi is as complex as the greatest symphony. At its most advanced stages, the body, mind and spiritual components blend into a unified whole that lead you to experiencing the Tao.

Unlike learning music, however, where you progress by learning successively more challenging pieces of music, in tai chi you perform the same series of movements, each time going deeper and learning more.

If you would like more information regarding tai chi basics in Charlotte, call us today to schedule a visit and we’ll be happy to show you around our facility. All of our activities take place at our 10,000 sq. ft. custom-built school that sits on 12 serene wooded acres. It is a peaceful, spacious state-of-the-art facility operated with family-run friendliness.

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