Toronto has the fastest internet according to a research

Recently, research has showed that Toronto gets faster downloads compared to the download speed in the western part of Canada which came from the registering authorities of Canadian Internet. The study has showed that Toronto has an average download speed of 22.3 mbps or megabits per second which means better IT services Toronto, and then Toronto is followed by the cities of Montreal and Ottawa. Although, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Winnipeg were in the lower rankings according to the research for faster download speeds across Canada.

The study also showed that there is a significant difference linking the speed and quality of Canada’s Internet connection, which is the download and upload speed among western and eastern cities in Canada. Also, according to some results of the study, it actually showed that the internet speed in the urban areas of Canada has much lower internet speed by 25 percent compared to the internet speed in the northern part of Canada and as well as the rural.

According to Byron Holland, president of CIRA, if you find yourself in a city that has nothing to do with the IXP or the Internet exchange point which is the structure or process of exchanging information of the internet traffic between the networks of Internet Service Providers or ISP and Content Delivery Networks, then what will mostly happen is that from the time you search something on the internet, it will need to go to another location or server of internet before it goes back to you and deliver the information that you need, which also means that it will need to go farther from your distance to connect to an internet service provider’s server. That is also why if the place you are currently in does not have their own service provider then most likely they will have a slow internet connection for the upload and download speed. Also he said that it is actually difficult to determine 100% exactly why Toronto is the best place for Netflix and cold as Edmonton, but suspects the existence of Internet Exchange Points (IXP) plays an important role for it.

Internet exchange point allows ISP’s or the Internet Service Provider’s to connect with leading content providers such as Google or Netflix, in order to provide faster communication between their networks. The world’s largest Internet exchange points in the country is actually located in Toronto, while cities such as Calgary and Vancouver just get on the ground, Holland said which means this is likely the reason why the internet speed for upload and download speed in Toronto is much more faster compared to other cities in Canada. And instead pushing for more Western alienation, Holland hopes that the research will promote the residents with slower Internet service to require a better online performance from the Internet Service Providers and from their government.

It really shows that the people in rural areas remain behind as Fenwick McKelvey said, a professor at Concordia University, who has studied the effectiveness of the Internet. He also said that it is actually the duties and responsibilities of the federal authorities to have national broadband regulations to work on the discrepancy of the online performance or the quality of their internet access.

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